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Does El-Hy-Mec do everything?

Our name signifies our major strengths: Electrical - Hydraulics - Mechanics. Our technicians have a wide breadth of experience in a wide range of equipment types. We are committed to safety and OSHA standards. We are a service company, not a manufacturing company. We retrofit, rebuild, troubleshoot and repair most industrial machines and their auxiliary equipment.

How can I keep my equipment from unbreakable failure?

Preventative maintenance that includes a sound lubrication system will provide great strides in equipment reliability. Using equipment within its’ designed specifications will also prevent failures.

What is compliant grounding?

Creating a redundant neutral to insure the path of least resistance will always be through a conductor and not a person. Control transformers should have one leg of secondary grounded.

How can you tell when a motor pump is too hot?

Rule of thumb: If the hydraulic oil temperature is above 150 degrees F. it is too hot. Every system and the environment it operates in will be a little different. It is important to understand the manufacturer’s designed intent. Well documented history of maintenance to the machine is very helpful. Often perceptions of what “always was” can be misleading.

Is it normal for my hydraulic pump to sound like it has rocks in it?

No!! A well designed hydraulic system should be fairly quite and should not leak. Some causes for this situation could be; air in the system, plugged filters, or faulty pump seals.

How often do I have to change hydraulic oil?

Follow manufacturers’ recommendations for correct weight and quantity of oil. If these are unknown, have a sample routinely tested or have the oil filtered. El-Hy-Mec can perform these services for you.

How does safety affect morale?

Research indicates that when an employee believes that their well being is the employer’s first interest, they are free to focus on the work at hand.

How is El-Hy-Mec connected to OSHA?

We do not work for OSHA or report directly to them. However, we will inform customers of non-compliance issues that El-Hy-Mec observes on equipment that we service.

How do I know if plant air quality is good?

A good automatic dryer at the compressor and properly run air systems on the machine usually provide quality air. Some symptoms of poor air would be rust and corrosion, blown seals, gummy/sticking valves and air tools. We can service these problems.

If my machine is leaking air, could this be costly?

Yes. Repair of air leaks in compressed air lines can be costly.

Consider the following example:

For ONE Air Leak with a hole diameter of 1/8 (in.); a Line Pressure (psig) of 100 and Leak Time Hours of 2000 per year/per shift.

  • Estimated Energy Lost = 31,314 kWh/yr  

  • Estimated Peak Demand Savings = 47.4 KW-mo/yr

  • Estimated Energy Cost Savings = $1,103/yr

* Source of Information: Colorado State University; Industrial Assessment Center


El-Hy-Mec can review and resolve air problems. 

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