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Entrust your plant safety and OSHA compliance to the experts - El-Hy-Mec. 

Safety programs are not an option. They're essential to creating and maintaining a safe working environment, they're required by state or federal OSHA, and they're good business. Lack of safety conformance can result in injuries, low employee morale, lawsuits, and in substantial OSHA penalties. More and more manufacturers entrust their plant safety and OSHA compliance to El-Hy-Mec. No other source offers the level of equipment, state and federal OSHA knowledge and machine experience. While OSHA encourages states to set their own job safety standards - and more than 20 states do - the agency monitors those programs on-site and unannounced. 

El-Hy-Mec safety inspections ensure OSHA compliance.

El-Hy-Mec works closely with OSHA compliance regulations, keeping thorough documentation and inspection logs, and providing them to the customer. A typical safety inspection might begin with a check of proper point-of-operation • guarding (POG), and review of mechanical guards and clutch brake performance. El-Hy-Mec also makes sure that controls are in good working order for all machine functions. If needed, EI-Hy-Mec's trained technicians will install or retrofit light curtains, safety mats, custom guarding or controls - doing what ­ever it takes to bring customer companies into compliance and to maintain safe environments. 

Safety is built into everything we do.

All of EI-Hy-Mec's customers are safety customers. Every time our technician visits a customer facility, he is charged with pointing out any non-compliance items he identifies in order to head off injuries or other problems. From inspection to prevention to repairs and retrofits, El-Hy-Mec is a respected single source for plant safety and OSHA compliance support. 





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